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Sunday, November 13, 2011

So ready!!

So as our initial 2 years here in Korea have come and gone...we now get to look forward to a trip back to the states!  I am very excited to go home.  My brother is getting married the day after we land...and unfortunately, it's cheaper to fly us to Kentucky (home of record) than it is to fly us to Oklahoma or Missouri (where family is).  So the day before my brothers wedding...while suffering from jet lag..we get to drive 8 or so hours from Kentucky to Missouri.  Blah.  But...just being home on american soil is all I need!  :)  We get to spend 4 weeks back in the states...split up between both our parents houses in Oklahoma.  I have big plans for our trip home..including lots of shopping and eating out!  LOL.  Will also spend a day at Oklahoma State...I have only been back once since graduating in 2001...so a LOT has changed.  I will also get the opportunity to go to an OSU basketball game with my family...I can't wait!  I really need a break from Korea..so this trip is coming at the perfect time! 

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